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no one comes to the Father except through me. ~Jesus

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Definition of Implication: The conclusion that can be drawn from something, although it is not explicitly stated; a likely consequence of something.

We all have a tendency to latch onto a theory or idea without thinking through the logical conclusions of it. And this is the heart of what I’ve mentioned before concerning the “Christian Talmud” that male supremacism has been developing in order to deal with the many unexpected and embarrassing implications of their teachings. Specifically, if a woman’s inferiority to a man is based in the creation order before sin, then logically it follows that it is not only God’s ideal but also is universally applicable. This is very evident in the current attempts of organizations such as CBMW to justify support for a female vice president (see Article).

But an even more dangerous implication is that these teachings strip a woman of all sense of autonomy and identity. Here is a quote from CBMW, written by a woman who supports male supremacy, who states clearly the reality of this particular implication:

As I look back at my own experience, I’m shocked to realize that churches have deserted the very women who most need them. When such a woman leaves her marriage she has no self-esteem, no idea who she is or what she believes. She is so accustomed to having someone else tell her what to do and what to think that she is nearly incapable of making decisions for herself. Her mind is completely open to brainwashing.
The male supremacist solution is only to make sure the male church leadership helps and protects such women. But the giant implication going unstated is that it is the male supremacist teachings that create many of these situations in the first place. They keep telling women that they are only to look to men instead of directly to God (which is precisely what Eve’s big blunder was). They keep telling women that their only worth is in belonging to and pleasing some man. And when they are called out on their having created this monster to begin with, they react with denial and write more and more rules to cover all the “exceptions”.

You can’t keep telling people how dependent God wants them to be, how they must never question their superiors, how it is sinful to rebel against such slavery, and then try to escape taking the blame when such poor, downtrodden souls suddenly escape their prisons and can’t deal with life on their own. There is a direct cause-and-effect relationship between male entitlement/female subjugation and the plight of these escapees who know the church is the last place they expect to find comfort or protection.

But instead of simply offering to soothe the wounds they themselves inflicted, why don’t the entitlement teachers just stop the carnage? Why don’t they admit that their teachings lead directly to the suffering of untold millions of women? They can’t beat all the humanity out of women and then act surprised when such women find themselves unable to cope with singleness for one reason or another. This attempt to put a band-aid on the disease they created is sheer hypocrisy. It is no different than, say, teaching God-ordained slavery of a particular race and then offering to treat escaped slaves humanely and help them find new masters!

Sadly, I’ve come to expect such twisted logic from “Christian leaders” today. The status quo means more to them than actual justice and mercy. If they want to believe that a woman VP is a sign of God’s displeasure with our country, then let them also admit that God couldn’t have picked a better way to humiliate these proud men. It is an indictment against them that the world shows more compassion in this regard than the “church”.

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