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I’m Leavin’ It!

That’s right, no more McDonald’s fast “food” for me. As This Article shows, they have “come out” in open, unashamed, family-dissing “pride” to support the homosexual agenda.

Ironically, they’re alienating their biggest supporters. Families go to McD’s for their “happy meals” (will they start calling them “gay meals”?) and play rooms for the kids. Yet by endorsing the opposite of family and children, they basically insulted the people who got them where they are. Of course, that’s all too common in our country, on many levels. But this is business, right? What does McDeviant have to gain? Who decided this was a good profit-making move?

Yes, there are many businesses that have done this, but McDumdum’s is making it clear how much they despise their customer base. And as others have pointed out, gays typically don’t go to fast food restaurants anyway. They’ve got way more disposable income since they have no kids (I know, there’s “artificial” alternatives, but that’s extremely rare), so they go to more trendy and pricey establishments.

There can be only one reason for this stupid business decision: tear down family values and what America used to be. Cater (pun intended) to the powerful, the popular, the anti-Christian. It’s basically an obscene gesture to all the “little people”. So I say let’s take our little incomes to other places and let McDross’s go down in flames.

Posted 2008-04-09 under world, mcdonald’s, gay, homosexual, sellout