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The Hypocrisy of Atheism

There are some things about atheism that even its followers must know are self-contradictory. I’m sure if I cared I could make a long list, but here are the two best ones.

Telling Christians How to Act

They’re Atheists and proud of it. They are against the very idea of a God, any god, but especially the loathsome God of the Bible (more about that later). So if a person of any given religion wants to know how to best behave in that religion, whom should they ask for advice? The answer should be obvious even to a child: a leader in that religion, or their holy book. But for some insane reason, atheists seem to think they have the best advice in this department. That’s right, the people who are proud of their claimed (but not actual) immunity to religion feel the most qualified to judge the behavior of religious people.

You’ve all heard it: an atheist tells a Christian they’re not acting right. But as I like to say, the people who criticize Christians for not acting like Christians are acting just like the Christians who don’t act like Christians! So they are hypocritical on two levels: (1) claiming to have any clue how a Christian should act, and (2) exhibiting the very behavior they hate some of us for. Does anyone think for a moment that they would let us tell them how to act?

Bad God, Good Followers?

The other favorite barb of theirs is to tell us what a horrible monstrosity we worship. He orders genocide, hates his enemies, displaces whole nations, is jealous, etc. (Of course that’s all out-of-context hogwash but that’s what they believe.) So what should the followers of such a God act like?

Hmmm, let’s see. If God is bad, then his followers would have to be bad to be good. So a bad Christian should be a good Christian, right? No? But if a Christian is good, then they’re not acting like their God, so they’d be bad Christians. Does anyone see what’s wrong with this picture?

Atheists don’t think about that. They just set up whichever straw man they like at the moment and then try to burn it down. They make the rules for us then rail at how we break them.

So you see, when you’re dealing with atheists, you know they want to stack the deck. Don’t let them.

Okay, one more.

Atheism Is Not a Religion

When confronted with their religious fervor in defense of their beliefs and the zeal with which they attack all others, they claim “But the A in Atheism means NOT theism” (I could make up more meanings for the rest of the letters, but I digress). Only problem is, that doesn’t disqualify it from being a religion.

As I just mentioned, they have a religious devotion to their system. It goes far beyond mere academics and observation. They are as biased and hateful towards un-unbelievers as any religious people in the world. They have their “high priests” who cannot be questioned. They excommunicate dissenters and badmouth critics. They are not content to let others believe as they will, but instead chase them and try to rid the earth of them.

But that’s not all! Unlike agnosticism which takes no position at all on the existence or nature of God, atheism is a definite stance, a statement of non-belief. It is therefore a religious philosophy. To take any stand at all on either side is to express a religious view. Their worldview does not just ignore God, it actively believes in his non-existence; it asserts the absence of God in all the universe and beyond. Which, incidentally, means they have put themselves in the position of God, because who else could know what is contained in the universe and beyond? It’s the religion of Man the Deity, nothing less.

Posted 2004-03-01 under religion, apologetics, hypocrisy, atheism