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Global Insecurity

That title isn’t another one of my plays on words, it’s an actual organization, and a globalist one. At Constance Cumbey’s blog you can read the text of a speech given at a conference by the same name on July 14-15. Pay careful attention to the terms and the obvious intensified push toward global government-- and especially to the broad-brush term fundamentalism as the identified enemy.

How all religious fundamentalists (but we all know it’s really just Christians) get lumped into 9/11 is one of the great deceptions of our time. There is only one religion associated with that terrible day, only one religion known for its global terrorism, only one religion that openly markets hate, fear, murder, and repression and still gets glowing press coverage: Islam. Why are they so afraid to say it’s Islam and not “fundamentalism”? (And by the way: in calling the Muslim terrorists “fundamentalists”, if they insist they really do include them in the name, they admit that these are faithful practicing Muslims, thereby putting the blame on Islam as a religion.)

Why indeed. What other religion issues serious death threats against any and all detractors? What other religion is having the red carpet rolled out for it all over the world: their own washrooms in public places, their own food served in public schools, their sharia law enforced even in places like England? What other religion is fueled by oil riches to buy weapons and influence?

People rage about the Christian far-right and the Zionists, but for some strange reason they have a conniption if you say something bad about Islam. Are they Christophobic? Judophobic? Theophobic? Free-o-phobic? If the rest of us are Islamophobic, then the shoe fits. But the truth is, Islam is the only religion they know will come after them with swords and guns if they criticize them, so it’s open season on everyone else. It is they who are the real phobics.

But little does Islam realize that it is playing the prophetic role God (the real one, not some moon-demon) assigned to them. They will be the reason for the war of Ezekiel 38-39, and their utter ruin will be the reason for Israel’s false sense of security, and that will be the time the Antichrist signs the 7-year peace treaty between Israel and “many”. They are being set up for destruction.

Bring it on!

Posted 2008-07-30 under prophecy, prophecy, religion, islam, globalism, deception, world