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And they say it isn’t a religion!

From the AIG newsletter, April 2006:

  1. enlist “clergy” to promote evolution
  2. strive to convince Americans that our competitiveness in the world is at risk if evo is not taught; blame lack of belief in evo for low science scores
  3. introduce evo as early as first grade
  4. use bait-and-switch techniques to redefine terms: always use “science” instead of “evolution”, insist that naturalism is unbiased and non-religious, accuse creationism of being “the end of all science”
  5. recruit lawyers to ensure public schools are “God-free zones”

Why this assault on everything Christian? Obviously this is a religious war, a crusade against God. It has nothing to do with science and everything to do with political correctness. The evos no longer even try to hide their anti-God agenda, but boldy declare war on all non-Darwinism.

But this is encouraging! It shows their fear, their bias, and their zeal to lie cheat and steal to have their way. Lawsuits are unnecessary where there is freedom of speech and conscience; therefore the use of the legal system to suppress non-Darwinist philosophy is a fearful reaction to the success of creationism at every level.

Posted 2006-04-01 under science, evolution, religion, apologetics