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Shadow Boxing

It’s an amazing phenomenon, one that seems to be unique to one group of people. If it involved any other topic we’d call it psychosis. I’m referring to the practice of continually being obsessed with something a person believes is non-existent.

Who does this, you ask? Atheists.

Of course there are exceptions, but the majority seem to do nothing all day but rage at God. God, whom they insist is a figment of the imagination, is someone they can’t stop thinking about. They read the Bible just to look for absurdities and contradictions; they hang around Christians just to shout epithets; they spend great amounts of time digging through the news to look for bad examples of Christian living.

If they had this fixation on all religion it might be a tad less psychotic, but it’s always about Christianity and the Bible. None of them seem to have a problem with the Hindu Vedas or the Quran, only the Bible. They don’t set up websites to mock these other religions, or join their message boards to post obscenities, or write to their senators about the establishment of Islam or Hinduism (aka “new age” such as yoga, TM, etc.) by our government. They do not raise their voices against Islam’s public beheadings as the atrocities they are, or pay any attention to the human rights violations of countries all over the world against Christians.

I don’t spend my days reading Mein Kampf or the Humanist Manifesto. I don’t scour the news to look for the many crimes against humanity committed by people who don’t believe in any God. I don’t keep reading the writings of Nostradamus or Marx so I can keep raging about them. Instead, I spend my time studying the Bible, writing about what it says, making every effort to be a good disciple of Jesus. Sure, I read those other things, but I don’t focus on only one of them. It would be like me going to, say, a Scientology board and continually posting rants and insults, reading their material all the time and posting snippets of Hubbard’s lunacy. I would spend all day reading their literature, badmouthing their followers, and totally ignoring all the other cults.

That’s what atheists do to Christianity. It’s insane. If they don’t believe in God, then why can’t they think about anything else? It would be no different to rage against Santa Claus all day. Seriously.

People’s priorities and true beliefs are shown through their actions. Anyone who spends every free moment on one topic is obsessed with it, and if that topic is something the person doesn’t believe is real, then it can only be called a mental illness. On the other hand, if it’s something you do believe in, it’s seen as normal and healthy.

There are many who speak continually, for example, about a particular health protocol. By this we can tell that they strongly believe in it; it is of vital importance to them. And we can rightly expect Christians to focus on their own beliefs, to speak often of them and spend their time with other Christians. But when people spend all their time trying to destroy a non-existent God, you can take that as proof of an unhealthy obsession, a fixation on what one hates.

People tell us by their actions what’s important to them. So since atheists seem obsessed with Christianity, I have to conclude that they (1) think it is unique among the world’s religions, (2) realize atheism is empty and gives them nothing to stand on, and (3) hate God with every fiber of their being, all while denying He exists. It’s very sad, and they have my pity.

“Fools say in their hearts, ’There is no God.’” (Psalm 53:1)

Posted 2007-03-01 under religion, atheism, shadow, boxing, obsession