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Teaching the Theory of Evolution

The question has been raised as to whether only scientific data favorable to the theory of evolution should be presented in public school science classes. I think this is a big mistake on several levels.

First of all, the question of origins isn’t really a scientific one at all, but a philosophical one. This fact has been admitted in print by humanist groups, who have even printed a book entitled “Humanism: A New Religion”. Science can only speak with authority on things that can be observed or repeated in the laboratory. Since the origin of the universe was a single, past event with no human witnesses, no theory of origins can be anything more than a theory.

Second, how can the people of a democratic country tolerate the suppression of any kind of evidence for political reasons? A truly objective and unbiased science teacher will present all relevant data to the students, then allow them to exercise their constitutional right to choose the theory that makes the most sense.

Third, fear should never be the basis for failing to present data that is embarrassing to the theory of evolution. Fear has no place in the science classroom. What fear am I talking about? The fear that the venerated theory of evolution may be so full of holes that people may “leave the faith”. What other possible motivation could there be to suppress scientific data?

Students should never be deprived of their right to choose due to fear, politics, or philosophy. To do so would be to turn the science class into a mere propaganda machine to suit the agenda of those who would deny the people of this country their right to know.

The following tongue-in-cheek essay I have written helps to reveal the absurdity of the theory of evolution.

Recently I read some material on origins which dared to question the hallowed theory of evolution. Allow me to enlighten you.

The material I read consisted of several sheets of typewritten paper, with a white sheet on top, a yellow sheet in the middle, and a pink sheet on the bottom. Clearly the pink sheet is the most primitive, being on the lowest level, while the top white sheet is the most advanced and complex. The yellow sheet is obviously a transitional form.

The type on the pages shows a high degree of favorable mutations, since an original set of only 26 letters evolved into a wide variety of more organized units.

Subjecting the pages to highly accurate scientific tests revealed ages of approximately 5, 8, and 12 million years to the white, yellow, and pink pages, respectively. The test results were checked against the index fossils (type), which ranged from small, simple words (pink sheet) to long, complex words (white sheet).

As even the most ignorant laymen can see, these pages prove beyond any doubt that evolution is a scientific fact. I have full confidence that the next time I read material on the subject of origins, the words will be even bigger and the color of the paper will be whiter than white.

The Geologic Ages of Evolutionary Theory
Outrageous Real science has pushed evolutionists to the very last limb on the evolutionary tree.
Pre-posterous This is the thin layer of rhetoric on top of millions of dumb arguments (see Cretanous).
Cretanous Dumb arguments in favor of evolution are formed by many layers of fabrication and alteration.
Fantastic Evolutionists live in a fantasy world. This age is characterized by the assumption of the “ostrich posture”, where one buries one’s head in the sand.
Mezmerosoic Most people have been mesmerized by the scientific-sounding pronouncements of evolutionists.
Paleologic The logic of evolutionary theory was pretty pale to begin with.

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