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Geology Proves A Young Earth

This link is to a page of 2 downloadable videos. I haven’t seen the second one yet, but the first is an hour long. It is a science documentary, so don’t watch it at work or if you’re sleepy :-)

But I highly recommend it; it’s well worth an hour of your time.

Peer reviewed and printed in scientific journals, radio halos prove the earth was created almost instantly (information was printed back in 1976 and never refuted); petrified wood mixed with oil deposits and dinosaur tracks in strata prove a massive worldwide flood of only thousands of years ago.

You can choose video quality per internet speed. If you have dial up the video quality is pretty crappy, but the message is still pretty clear.nnI usually prefer to provide links to printed material, but atheists seem to have great difficulty with that. So next time you come across one that seems to have a basic grasp of scientific principles, give them this link.

Posted 2006-03-01 under science, science, geology, young earth