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World Silent While Christians Are Slaughtered

This article from the Christian Post asks the reason for the indifference of world to a growing Christian holocaust. Neither modern communications technology nor world bodies such as the United Nations have raised global awareness of the problem, and the usual celebrities are eerily silent.

Open Doors USA president David Curry told The Christian Post as he took office last year, “The biggest challenge I think we are going to face is trying to get the American church to understand the scale and the magnitude of persecution around the world their brothers and sisters are facing today.”

“We are so far removed, even with modern technology, from the kinds of punishment and persecution that people are facing in these countries like North Korea, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and so forth that I’m not sure we can get our minds around it.”

However, even leaders and organizations that should know the gravity of the situation better appear to be silent, according to Lauder.

“The United Nations has been mostly mum. World leaders seem to be consumed with other matters in this strange summer of 2014,” he writes. “There are no flotillas traveling to Syria or Iraq. And the beautiful celebrities and aging rock stars— why doesn’t the slaughter of Christians seem to activate their social antennas?”

via Why Is the World Silent While Christians Are Slaughtered in Middle East and Africa? Asks Jewish Advocacy Group Leader.

Posted 2014-08-21 under persecution, slaughter