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Hunger in America: 1 in 7 Rely on Food Banks

More Americans, even those who want to work, find themselves relying on food banks to survive.

One in seven Americans— 46 million people— rely on food pantries and meal service programs to feed themselves and their families, the study found.

“Hunger exists in literally every county in America,” Aiken said. “It’s an urban problem, it’s a suburban problem, and it’s a rural problem.”

Linda Patterson, executive director of Lorton Community Action Center, said stereotypes of the people who need food assistance are misleading.

“The people who come here are hard workers. They are employed. They are the school bus drivers, the lab techs in doctors offices, receptionists, the janitors who clean the floor of your children’s school,” Patterson said. “They just can’t make ends meet because some kind of crisis has hit them.”

via Hunger in America: 1 in 7 Rely on Food Banks - Christian News Blog.

Posted 2014-08-23 under hunger, America, society