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History Repeating

Seventy years ago this January was the day the prison camp Auschwitz was liberated from the Nazis, connected forever with the phrase “Never Again”. But as with the naive peace monuments quoting Isaiah 2:4 about beating swords into plowshares, “Never Again” has been forgotten within one generation.

In any given blog conversation or forum thread, there is an unmistakable return of the same hatred of Jews that led to the first Holocaust. They deny that it happened at all (or at least in the millions), in spite of photos of the prisoners and camps, personal testimonies (here, here, here), and the motivation of the Nazis to quickly hide evidence as the end of the war drew near. And just as the Jews were blamed for economic crashes before WWII, so they are being blamed again by association with the Rothschild family, who are Jewish.

But even if it is true that there has been a strong Jewish element to banking powers that have wreaked havoc around the world for generations, can we then justify hatred and scapegoating of all the Jewish people and the modern state of Israel? And can we do this also knowing that Jews were the primary victims in the Holocaust, and are hated around the world today? Can we point only at the alleged Jewish-only funding of terrorism, while ignoring the clearly Muslim-only thugs carrying out the violence? After all, no gang leader or tyrant can do much at all without a willing army, and that army cannot escape responsibility. And can we say that any of this has to do with the Bible, specifically the Old Testament, such that Christians should scorn them as well?

There is a common trait that binds bankers and thugs, tyrants and armies, leaders and followers: Evil, which spans across many ideologies. There is no debating the inherent evil in the Quran and various Communist writings, but those who quote evil Jewish writings are only quoting the horrible Talmud rather than the Bible. What makes evil independent of ideology is the fact that it can be found in such divergent writings. Regardless of the particulars, all of those writings but the Bible teach world domination and subjugation by one ethnic group over all others, including torture. Yes, some will say that the Old Testament teaches the very same thing, but they ignore the fact that the people of Israel were only told to take possession of one particular area on the earth, rather than all of it. And there are good arguments to support the claim that the conquered area was filled with all sorts of despicable evil, including the blending of humans with animals, which necessitated wiping out every living thing in the area. Even so, torture was never condoned.

To say that only the Jews are the cause of all the world’s problems is to ignore these facts about evil, and to ignore the fact that any and all of the aforementioned groups victimize their own people as well. So if the Jews are oppressing not only Gentiles but also Jews, then how can we make blanket condemnations of all Jews? And if we blame the nation of Israel for all the problems in the world, why can’t we also blame every other nation with any significant power? Those with blind hatred of Jews will stoop to the level of claiming that Israel really controls all the other powerful nations. No matter what the evidence, no matter what the motivation, and no matter who the victims may be, the Jews and Israel get the blame.

And that, quite clearly, is the return of the Holocaust. “Never again”? The Nazi-esque hatred and scapegoating have already begun. And even this is blamed on the Jews! If, as many claim, the Mossad have hired trolls to infiltrate message boards and blogs and media, then why are they trying to get everyone in the world to hate their own people? If the Mossad are as crafty as their critics say, then why are they doing such a terrible job of swaying public opinion in their favor? The undeniable consensus around the world is against the Jews and Israel and their Mossad; why would they do this to themselves?

The only rational answer is that, regardless of bloodlines or citizenship, there are evil people who will sell their own mothers for profit and power. Look at the US government; it is treating its own citizens as the greatest enemy. Yet do we say that all Americans are guilty? Hardly; most Americans are the victims. Of course, there are people who lump all Americans into the same evil entity, just as is done to Israelis. But the truth of the matter is that there are evil despots from all over the world who wish to dominate and destroy the world. This isn’t about some inherent evil in the blood of Jews, or Americans, or any other group of people. Instead, it’s about a problem all of humanity struggles with. It is the age-old battle between good and evil, God and Satan.

As long as we can label some nationality and blame them for our problems, we are already defeated, because we ignore individual conscience. The Jews were a convenient scapegoat preceding WWII, and the evil despots of the world often repeat their past successes. So if we are seeing scapegoating once again, can we not expect another world war? Or will we learn from history? One might find some excuses for this happening once, but what excuse is there for letting it happen again? The guilt of this generation will far outweigh that of the WWII generation, because we should have learned our lesson.

We cannot claim ignorance; we cannot claim we had no choice. We may well wind up in concentration camps, but we cannot say we didn’t see it coming. This is not to say that the poor and even middle class have the power to stop tyrants and armies. Rather, it is to say that the tyrants require a certain percentage of the citizens to believe their lies. Individuals spoke up against tyranny before WWII and paid a high price for doing so, and this is happening again today. But unless a critical mass of the world’s people refuses to allow it, enslavement and war and grief will come once again.

Be one of those individuals who speaks up for the scapegoats. Spread the truth about the kinds of people who really are to blame for all these wars and economic disasters. Don’t be sheeple.

Posted 2015-03-04 under history, war, holocaust