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Silence of the Lambs

The scourge of Islam around world today is evil and barbaric. But we have a much greater evil to confront and eliminate first.

It has come to the attention of the public that Planned Parenthood has been lying and denying its truly evil and monstrous purpose: to actively and deliberately target the most innocent human beings by committing atrocities agains them in the name of profit. I will not link to any stories or the horrible videos; you can find those yourself easily enough. You can also do research into the founder and intentions of the organization, and the knowing approval of the political left.

But the "lambs" are silent, beyond a few isolated voices. Where is the outrage, where are the protests, where are the mobs with pitchforks and torches, coming from the Christian community? Why are so-called Christian leaders not screaming day and night and exposing everyone involved in this holocaust? Why did it take a very small group of people to break this story, rather than a host of relentless Christian leaders? Sure, they talk in their churches about it, and they tell people to vote pro-life, but that’s a pathetic and cowardly response. 

These so-called Christian leaders are also rather silent about the genocide being perpetrated by muslims against Christians around the world. Societies all over the western world are rotting from within, because the church has not been salt and light, but rather cowardly, sniveling, and more concerned about their own careers than being servants of God and protecters of the innocent. 

Those who want all the glory and authority will be held to the highest standards and responsibility. I shudder to think what awaits them at the Judgment, when Jesus will glare at them and demand to know why they wouldn’t lift a finger to stop the carnage. Those who have been gifted with leadership and the ability to move others to act have been all talk. My little blog reaches almost no one, but perhaps one or two will see this and do something, or at least demand that their "pastors" get off their "blessed assurance" and lead the charge against this terrible evil.

All of us should refuse to remain silent, refuse to rest, until abortion is outlawed and its supporters in any degree sent to the worst prisons for life... if not executed as serial killers. Passivity in the face of such things is assent. Stop the killing! Use whatever influence you have to keep relentless pressure on public officials until they stop this.

Posted 2015-08-19 under lambs, silence, persecution