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So Here We Are

The time has come for date-setters of all persuasions to prove themselves.

This is it, the month of all months, the end-all and be-all to top Y2K, 2012, and every other failed doom date. The world has accelerated its rush toward oblivion past anyone’s expectations, yet here we still are. Though it should be obvious that this can’t go on much longer without something doomy happening, the fact is that all prior doom dates have come and gone. But as the saying goes, "A broken clock is right twice a day". Something that could be spun as a fulfillment is bound to happen this month.

My challenge is this: The prophecies for this month must happen this month, and they must be so obvious that no other explanation is possible. No more drawing new lines in the sand; no more pushing the doom date into the future. The prophetic buck stops here, September 2015. Not October 1st, or the end of the year, but now, this month, especially the 23rd which is cited by so many people as the specific day of some major catastrophe. 

Pin the prophets down; make them give specific details which must take place on that day or in this month and year. Maybe they’re right, or maybe just lucky; but if nothing happens according to specific prophetic claims, it is time for the rest of us to formally and finally renounce all attempts at setting dates or deadlines. Back in March there was a sincere and godly lady who claimed that Jesus told her he would come in "days to weeks, not months"... back in March. This is September. I wanted to believe her, and hoped she was right. But this should serve as an object lesson in mistaking our own hopes and imaginations for a message from Jesus Himself.

I am a student of the Bible and prophecy; I am convinced that the 7-year Tribulation will happen, and the Rapture shortly before that. But all we are told is the sequence, not the timing of its beginning. The re-establishment of the nation of Israel was and is a major prophetic fulfillment and sign, putting a spotlight on all events since then. But all this crying wolf has done is to make people either jaded or filled with despair. The proper Christian stance should be that we simply don’t know when Jesus will come, but we must be ready to go at all times. Live like Jesus could come today, but work and plan as if he isn’t coming in our lifetime; this is a strategy that works in any generation. Pray for his soon return, but also for more people to come to him before the end finally comes.

Twenty days until the 23rd; 27 days till the end of the month. Be ready for anything... including nothing.

UPDATE Sep. 14: Here was a prediction from 2013 that "it" should have happened yesterday... tick, tick, tick...

UPDATE Sep. 23: Still here, and in some parts of the world the day is almost over. In Israel, where it should matter most, it will end about 7 hrs. before DST, going by midnight rather than sundown. If we’re still here tomorrow, the next big date is the 28th, then Oct. 1, then Dec. 31, then all of 2016...

UPDATE Oct. 2: As expected, the prophecy makers are saying they were right; it was the beginning of doom. And another new date of the 7th or so has come up. Hopefully the point is clear to the rest of us that doom has been obvious to anyone watching world events, no prophetic foresight required. And it’s accelerating more each day: Russia is in Syria in open war, while the US government stages more shootings and lets the UN take over law enforcement in our country; "refujihadists" invade the whole western world at the invitation of its treasonous leaders; the pope lectures the US on its own soil for sins the Vatican continues to commit; Christians are slaughtered and openly discriminated against while the world continues to paint them as terrorists. It doesn’t require signs and omens to see where this will end up. This is not to say that no prophecy is real; it’s to say that the Bible has already told us what will happen, and the sequence of events, but not the day of their beginning. As I said: be ready all the time.

Posted 2015-09-03 under prophecy, Rapture, date, doom