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The Dialectic

Bringing change to groups of people by manipulation is a long-standing technique, and a very successful one. Learn to identify the signs of manipulation before it can reach its goal.

What is the Dialectic? It is most popularly known by the phrase attributed to Hegel (aka the Hegelian Dialectic): thesis vs. antithesis leads to synthesis. A more recent expression is "problem, reaction, solution". It works backward from a desired outcome to arrive at the division or controversy most likely to bring about that outcome.

For example, it may use the biological differences between groups of people, such as male/female or black/white, to goad each side into a confrontation with the other. If the needed division does not exist, it can be created, such as political parties or other ideological passions. This is why, for example, racial tension has flared up in the US after decades of relative equilibrium; it was deliberately fanned into flame to bring about social chaos.

So any time you notice a "war" in a society, ask yourself what purpose the war serves. What could be the goal, the desired outcome or synthesis or solution? What point between the two factions seems to be the likely target outcome? We should consider that even the conflict itself may be the goal as well, since people in conflict are, by definition, not united, and a people not united cannot mount a strong opposition to government. In fact, unity is the single most frightening thing to those who wish to be in control of others. The most well-equipped army in the world can be defeated by sheer numbers of less-equipped but unified opponents. It is always the few controlling the many, and this is only possible through either chaos or tyranny. So when the popular sentiment of the people is against tyranny, even on the most superficial level, the control mechanism of choice is chaos.

What do we have in the western world today? Chaos, factions, splintering, all while people clamor for an end to big government tyranny. By remaining divided among themselves they will play into the hands of tyranny. The recent "occupation" incident in the western US is a case study in sporadic resistance failing where massive unified resistance would succeed. This is what the tyrants depend upon: our inability to unite. But unlike past rebellions in history, this time the tyrants have massive spying capability, such that even if one gets completely "off the grid", they can be found and their conversations and activities recorded. There is hardly a habitable spot left on earth where people can be truly free.

So pray for unity, and pray for divine intervention, because those are the only choices remaining for the people of earth.

Posted 2016-02-18 under dialectic, division, Hegelian, problem, reaction, solution