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Pet Peeve: Ban The Apostrophe!

A linguistic lament about lack of learning.

People today seem to think that the apostrophe is part of the letter S when it ends an English word. I’ve actually seen people write things like  "get’s" and "eat’s". I kid you not. Granted, rules of English grammar aren’t exactly logical or consistent, but nobody made mistakes like that even ten years ago... or, as they’d write today, "ten year’s ago". There is a proper use of the apostrophe in that case at least, such as "The year’s worst uses of apostrophes", but "ten years ago" isn’t the place for it.

I wish people would at least consult the vast amount of information available for free on the internet, since the government schools clearly do not teach English grammar anymore. For example, there are scholarly sources such as this, and comedic sources such as this or this. No excuses! Learn about apostrophes and more for zero cost, and the world will be a better place.

Until then, and if people simply have devolved to the point where such difficult concepts are beyond them, let us BAN the APOSTROPHE! I’d rather see something like "The monkeys wrote essays but each ones writing was gibberish" than "The monkey’s wrote essay’s but each one’s writing was gibberish".

Posted 2017-01-25 under apostrophe, grammar, spelling