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Strange Bedfellows

I don’t know whether to call this a red flag, a white flag, a false flag, or the best thing since sliced bread.

One of today’s news headlines tells us about a growing secessionist movement here in the US (Source). The “strange bedfellows” are ultra liberals in New England and the League of the South. What they have in common is being fed up with the Fed. Gov.

If you know any American history at all, you know the nation’s founders wanted above all else to prevent us from the kind of government we now have: a bloated, self-serving, over-bearing, tyrannical Big Brother. There is nothing wrong with our Constitution, but with those who have undermined it for their own personal gain. If “absolute power corrupts absolutely”, then should it be any surprise that the most powerful nation in the world has become absolutely corrupt?

Those people who drew up the Constitution knew its greatest weakness was the moral character of the people, especially those in government. As the nation’s morals go, so goes the nation, and we all know the state of our morals as a nation. While the founders were careful not to allow an official state religion, which would simply mean it would have been easier to corrupt the country through the leaders of that religion, they also made it clear in their less guarded moments that it was Christian morality that would have the best shot at preserving the Republic.

But it seems that Christian leaders have had no better track record following their own Bible than secular leaders have had following their own Constitution. The “power that corrupts” knows no distinction between the secular and the religious. Yet is this reason to abandon all moral standards?

Hardly. The problem has not been with Jesus or the Bible, but with those power-mad leaders and Pharisees who invented Churchianity (please see my other rants about that). If— and that’s a giant If— individual Christians strove for the best and highest Christian principles in our lives, instead of seeing how little we can get away with and still crawl through heaven’s door, we would have been the “salt and light” that permeates society from the ground up. Instead, we have seen the same old political “solutions” that never work and only give the rest of us a black eye.

As much as this country has going for it as a collection of united states, its size and power have been its downfall. And this is exactly what’s wrong with organized religious Churchianity as well. Denominationalism has done nothing to prevent heresy and everything to corrupt the leaders and control the masses. But don’t get me wrong: the other religions and other governments aren’t any better, they’re just smaller. It is the constant tension between small governments that causes many wars, but it also prevents any one of them from getting too much power over too many people. And if your own country is oppressive you at least have a chance to run to another.

Yet in spite of all history has shown us about the great danger of large governments and large organized religions, the world is running at top speed toward global domination by both government and religion. And those who push for this can get away with it only because people either are ignorant of history or naively think peace will be the product of this massive corruption to come. An enforced “peace” is like coerced “love”, and both are more accurately called “imprisonment”.

Will the globalists let secessionists anywhere in the world succeed? Not a chance. Tyrants don’t wake up one morning and set all their prisoners free. They tighten the chains.

Posted 2007-10-04 under prophecy, America, USA, behavior, relationships, apologetics, religion, government, secessionist movement