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US of Europe

This article is yet another confirmation of the Biblical prophecy of the world being divided into an eventual 10 “kingdoms” that replace national sovereignty (source).

Conservatives have sounded the alarm over new EU powers to seize control and ’harmonise’ all geographical information held by nation-states - including maps.

An investigation by the Party has also discovered that the European Union, assisted by John Prescott, is to roll out new ’transnational’ regions which cross national boundaries, and help create a “United Europe”.

And as a result, Kent and Sussex would be officially classified as part of north-east France, while much of England and eastern Scotland would be grouped with parts of Scandinavia, the western side of Britain would be lumped in with the Atlantic coast of France, northern Spain and Portugal, and the far north of Scotland with Iceland and northern Norway and Sweden.

Shadow Minister for Local Government & Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party, Eric Pickles, protested: “Under the Labour Government, Britain has already been sub-divided into regions as part of John Prescott’s empire building. Yet worse could be to come; a conspiracy of cartographers in Brussels is seeking to break up Britain into regions that cross national boundaries. I fear that there is an agenda to undermine national identities and impose a United States of Europe by stealth. Conservatives will fight these attempts to balkanise Britain.”

He said: “Combined with new powers for the European Union to control and harmonise geographical information, I fear Eurocrats could literally wipe Britain off the map. And hard-working families and pensioners should be concerned that Europe wants the authority to build a database of their homes - this threatens to pave the way for an EU-wide property tax.”

Mr Pickles said: “We should work constructively with Europe to promote trade and cooperation between nations, but Conservatives believe that this is just the type of unwarranted interference that gives Brussels a bad name.”

The astonishing plan to give EU special mapping powers is contained under a new Directive on ’spatial information’, which gives Brussels the authority to harmonise and control all ’spatial data’, which includes geographical names, administrative units and maps. All nations within the EU will be forced to bring their maps and data into line with the European Commission’s specifications. Brussels will also gain access to ’spies in the sky’ - data provided by satellite and airborne photography and sensors.

Posted 2006-09-01 under prophecy, prophecy, US of Europe, globalism