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no one comes to the Father except through me. ~Jesus

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Free of Thought

Those poor atheists. Haven’t had their own radio network all these years. Well now they can rejoice, for there is a place on the airwaves for them too, on Freethought Radio.

“Freethought”? Not exactly, but they like to claim it. The truth is that everyone’s thoughts are shaped and coerced in some way. Everyone. We all have presuppositions and basic “truths” we stand on, and atheists are no exception. But, ironically, their narrow definition of “free” is based solely on lack of belief in anything they can’t sense physically. They consider only theistic faith to be “not free”, so by that definition of course they can claim freedom of thought.

But in fact, it takes great imprisonment of thought to deny so much of what life is all about. Atheism is not free to consider all evidence and observation; it must ignore everything that doesn’t fit the fundamentals of that religion. (I’ve written before on the fact that atheism is a religion, so I won’t repeat that here.) It must ignore the question of abiogenesis; it must accept by blind faith that somehow, nothing + time + chance = everything, or that everything is eternal in spite of all observation to the contrary.

Of course, this sort of restriction of thought is true of all people, and that’s my point. There’s nothing “more free” about atheism than about any other ism. But atheism has a weakness beyond that of any theistic religion: Morality. Some atheists say it is “immoral” to believe that Jesus Christ died for the sins of others.

Excuse me, but can atheists use the “M” word?

How, pray tell, can atheists dare to speak of morality? By what standard can they judge anything or anyone as immoral? Who are they to say what a “good god” would or should do, or that anything anyone does can be called either right or wrong? What is moral in one society can be unspeakable evil in another. And if our particular society says it’s perfectly just for Jesus to die for the world, then who are atheists to judge us?

What’s really going on here is just another disgruntled group of people wanting much more influence than their numbers deserve, to ram their particular religion down our throats, and to dictate their worldview over everyone else’s. Why is this news? Why do they think this is some great breakthrough? Atheism already has a worldwide friend in evolutionism/naturalism, which as their own high priests like to say, “can’t let a divine foot in the door”.

But that’s on a social level. What’s going on at the spiritual level is people shaking their puny fists at God for not being Santa Claus. Atheists do much more than fail to believe God exists; they actively hate the very thought of God. Which, as I’ve said before, has to be some kind of mental illness, since they build their life’s purpose all around that which they claim does not exist. Who else is known for what they don’t believe? Who else makes such a big deal out of a religion that cannot offer any comfort to the grieving, or hope for an existence where pain will be forgotten, or explanation for anything beyond ourselves?

Of all the creatures on earth, Man has to be the least likely to be at the top of the food chain. We take many years to reach self-sufficiency, we have to grow much of our own food, we aren’t the fastest runners or the strongest predators, etc. There’s just no reason for us to be what we are... yet here we are. And this little observation doesn’t phase them in the least. Because they can’t deal with it. And that’s the essential quality of atheism: denial.

Death is the absolute, cold, final end for them, which makes life pretty much for nothing. So I don’t begrudge them this little island they call “free thought”, for even from their own views they have nothing else to live for. But whether they believe it or not, Truth is Truth and there is eternity beyond the grave. They choose to defy God, and in the end He will defy them. Such a terrible fate they have chosen!

And that’s why we Christians spread the Good News that yes, Jesus did die for them, and it was perfectly just and loving for Him to do so. We care how people spend eternity, so we reach out. And they hate us for it.

(Note added 2007-10-13: see article Why Do the Atheists Rage? for examples of the religious fervor of today’s atheism.)

Posted 2007-10-12 under religion, hypocrisy, The Afterlife, atheism