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How Is That Working For You?

A question for my readers (both of them!): Is this blog format with its tag cloud and search box sufficient for finding a given article or answering a question? Or would something like a topical index page with links under each topic heading be better?

If I can still wend my way through the labyrinthine WordPress database schema, I may be able to make such a page happen, but I’d only try it if you think it would be a great help.

That’s all I really wanted to say today.

Of course, that title would work with all sorts of theological blog posts, such as tithing, hierarchy, having our spiritual feelings injected via external methods such as going to church, getting bent if someone questions Darwin or expresses belief in the pre-tribulation Rapture, Bible version debates, etc. We really should keep the habit of gaging the success rate of practices or beliefs we adopted a while back. I think sometimes that people long ago would laugh at us for the traditions we’ve kept and why.

But tell me, is this format serving any needs? Annoying? Inspiring?

ADDED: Put it in archive?

Posted 2011-09-05 under feedback